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Platinum Pearl Resourcing is an employment placement agency which offers tailored resourcing solutions to businesses in the hospitality industry and facility services in cleaning. We also offer management consultation for any sized businesses and help with their strategic operations.


At Platinum Pearl Resourcing we specialice in the placement of hospitality staffing solutions where we find the right candidates for key roles to ensure our client’s business and operations are not interrupted by any event or occasion. PPR’s hospitality staffing solutions can assist your business in the following area:

⦁ Staffing shortages for events & functions. 

⦁ Seasonal peak staffing during the silly season. 

⦁ Staff coverage for staffing on holidays & terminations. 

⦁ Staffing recruitment for any new roles. 

⦁ Staff trialling periods of 14 days & beyond for new recruitments. 

⦁ Events & catering casual staffing solutions. 

⦁ Private & home dining casual staffing solutions. 

Our team is staffing solutions focused and we are aware one size does not fit all our customers. Rest assure we will take a holistic approach for each customer. At Platinum Pearl Resourcing our team can cover all FOH and BOH staffing solutions, which include the following: 

⦁ Wait staff – various

⦁ Events or functions staffing

⦁ Kitchen hands – various

⦁ Baristas 

⦁ Chefs – various 

Please find our hospitality brochure for viewing PPR Customer Brochure

Facility Services

At Platinum Pearl Resourcing we offer professionally performed high-quality cleaning services for venues and extra specialisation in infection control and sanitisation services. The company’s Cleaning Operational Manager has accumulated 30 years of cleaning experience while working in an NSW Government building high traffic area. 

At PPR we have knowledge of cleaning with hospital-grade disinfectants and electrostatic spray technologies. Our Cleaning staff will provide you with a high-quality standard and with an effective hygiene solution which is guaranteed to kill 99.9% of bacteria with a one-step disinfecting process. 

Our reliable staff understand and appreciate the importance of a clean and hygienic venue for your customers and staff. Our experienced cleaning team will make sure your transport vehicle, office, venue, restaurant, and function area will show case all its attributes for a safe and enjoyable environment.

Please find our cleaning brochure for viewing PPR Cleaning Brochure

Professional Coaching

A service where candidates are offered a detailed and thorough coaching so they stand out when they appear in front of hiring managers, HR personnel or recruiters. The following services are offered:

⦁ Professional Cover Letter & Resume Creation
⦁ Interview Coaching & Preparation Checklists
⦁ Hints and tips to stand out from your competition

Professional Consultation

At Platinum Pearl Resourcing we have extensive knowledge in financial control  matters. With our consultation and development of specific strategies for your business needs, regardless of your size. Some of the various services which may be offered:

⦁ Food Cost Control & Stocktakes to help with food wastage
⦁ Wages & Payroll Cost Control
⦁ Implementation of Profit & Loss statements
⦁ Extensive analytical work & strategies

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